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Congratulations on your decision to further your injectable education at Urbane Aesthetiks Academy! We are committed to providing you with an excellent training experience and support  to reach your goals within the injectable industry.

This contract outlines the materials and services that Urbane Aesthetiks Academy will be providing as well as the expectations of you, the trainee, during your selected course


Mentorship Program Trainee

Over the course of (3) months, Urbane Aesthetiks Academy will provide the following:

  • Comprehensive didactic understanding of injectables

  • (3) full days of shadowing at Urbane Aethetiks’ office

  • (3) injectable sessions wherein trainee agrees to be responsible for acquiring models

  • (2) 1 hour hour coaching calls

  • Comprehensive manual on neurotoxins and dermal filler

  • General social media and sales coaching


This 3-month program on will be conducted during the agreed upon time. It is understood that at the time of completion, both Traci Hawkins and trainee will review the trainee's proficiency in regard to injectables and determine the next course of training, if applicable.

The cost of this (3) month program is $6,250. The trainee agrees to complete the payments.

For payments not paid in full, revolving payments will be automatically drafted every 30 days from initial payment.

One on One Onsite Trainee 

One day, 4 hour, mobile training experience

  • Personalized curriculum for intermediate - 3 on labels sites  (glabella, forehead, crows feet) (3 on label lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds)

  • Personalized curriculum for advanced - cannula, jawline, cheek, temples, hyper diluted Radiesse, all off label techniques, advanced neurotoxin

  • Personalized Coaching Call (1 hr.) | Focused on enhancing your business approach and operations, as well as client service level.


The cost of this one day training is $1500. The trainee agrees to complete the payments.

For payments not paid in full, deposit required to solidify training date. Balance must be paid 72 hours prior to training.

By signing this document, I agree to the program outline, program timeline, and payment details listed above. I understand that no refunds will be available once initial payment is made, regardless of situational circumstances. I agree that I am committed to the totality of this program, and understand all that it entails.

Thanks for your order!